Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Other Ways To Measure Wool for Dyeing

I had this good question today about my article on microwave dyeing in the November/December issue of Rug Hooking magazine. Below is a photo of one method I wrote about, transitional dyeing in the microwave. I'll be releasing a video to show you how to do this.  I look like hell by the way, at least the wool is pretty. This video also includes a new recipe to use.

And now for the question:
"Great article on microwave dyeing in Rug Hooking Magazine! One question about the amount of yardage. I see that the recipes reference 1/8th yard. Is that 1/8th of a square yard so I can calculate square inches? It would be really helpful to have it clarified in terms of square inches since I have a lot of inherited wool with a variety of widths, lengths and oddly shaped pieces.

I've just been to your website. Wow! Now how will I ever get to work on time today?!
Thank you"

Here is my reply:

Fabric doesn't run in square yards like lumber or flooring, it is measured along the selvedge. You probably already know this.
A yd of wool is 36" along the selvedge and 54" across.
1/8th of this (by rug hooking standards) is 18" ( half of the 36" yd length) x 14" 
In weight ( always a great way to deal with disparate wool pieces) 1/8th yd. of the natural wool I dye weighs about 1.5 to 1.6 oz.

Happy creating,

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