Friday, November 9, 2012

Studio Tour + Wool Shrinkage

Here is the video of  our portion of the Around the Sound Studio Tour 2012

It is a great experience to display your work for the public, such lovely feedback and how compelling spinning is to men and boys and how hooking brings up memories and itchy hands to try it! Very gratifying and the sales were great too, always welcome that.

Happy Friday from the Welcome Mat to you, an excerpt of some of the interesting things we ponder there.

How much does wool shrink through dyeing?

This much.
1/8th yd of natural wool dyed, rinsed in washer and dried in dryer on medium heat and under it an undyed 1/8th yd

Sometimes you win and sometimes you learn.” – Robert Kiyosaki

I'll take learning any day.


  1. Wanda did you sell your rugs?
    Where they for sale too? Can you tell me how much?
    They are really works of art!

  2. Dear Ellen,
    Thank you for asking, Yes I did sell three hooked pieces. Two of the little vignettes, about the size of an oversized photo print, a deal at $40 and I sold a slightly larger rug I had made for my dyeing article in Rug hooking magazine for $200. Everything I display is for sale.
    I had many other handcrafted things there and had strong sale,s I try to have things from $5 to $5000, it is no surprise these days what is purchased is mostly under $50.
    Thank you for your admiration of my work!

    1. Wanda, Do you think you could put things like that on sale on the Matt? Like the wool column? I bet you could have many higher bids and have a more appreciative Rug hooker bidders who probably did not know as I that you sell those beautiful art works.
      Please let me in on some future sales, as I would like to purchase one.
      Oh to own a Wand work!! (I feel like Ann of Green Galbes when I say that!)
      Thank you Wanda and yes I am a huge admirer of your art work.

  3. Ellen, I just never considered that but I'll do one this week-end.
    Thank you for the great suggestion, Anne ! LOL!