Monday, November 19, 2012

The Power of the Sort

We all have the ability to sort, think about laundry day.
We pull out the lights, darks and the medium pile left.

Here is two years worth of formula samples from my dyeing columns in The Welcome Mat and in Rug Hooking, sorted once according to colour. I only regret I had not taken a photo and shown you the pile before, it looked like an incredibly useless jumble of crazy wool.
 This sorting created order but still it was not easy to find what I was looking for.

In the next two photos I sorted them according to value in their colour families.
Suddenly I had a powerful colour tool to apply to hooking. I could easily see the lights, mediums, darks, dulls and the brights and could work my shading magic.
They are not all value order perfect but are close enough.

 I have also noticed I have a decided preference towards dyeing greens, we all have these tendencies, I bet if you look at your wool you will see much more of one colour than another. In the case of green such a wonderful colour and it's the colour of renewal, who doesn't like that in the middle of November?

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