Thursday, November 22, 2012

Turkey Feathers Formula

Happy Thanksgiving!
I hope you have a wonderful holiday doing what you love.

I was looking at one of my favourite things this morning, turkey feathers.

They are just so beautifully coloured

Here is a wandering formula that mimics them

For a more golden rendition start this recipe off with 1/32 Orange and proceed as directed
No stirring right?

Jean’s Shimmer
2/32 tsp. bottle green ( do not add acid right away)
1/32 tsp. blue
1/32 tsp. red - add acid now
2/32 tsp. yellow
1/32 tsp. blue

Use any dye company's dyes you have or mix them
These are simple colours except bottle green and it is a blue green like this: 

Use a dye you have that is close to it.

If you have never tried hooking with wandering wool you should try it soon, so subtle and lovely, mimics the interplay of colours like we see in great watercolours.

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