Monday, November 28, 2011

An Artists Date.

Spin in, it is a good thing.
It is good because:

  1. It isn't in my house
  2. I leave home.
  3. I get to see the outside from inside my car
  4. I see like minded humans
  5. I channel chickens and cats and tell people what they say
  6. We are enriched by this avian and feline wisdom tremendously
  7. We spin, we share, we laugh and laugh and then we laugh some more.
  8. Some grab sheep on the back by the handful of wool to let others look see behind, are they are knocked up? they aren't.
  9. We eat such delights and drink such ambrosia, I can't tell you, you gotta be there.
  10. We have show and tell and it is incredible and life affirming and that's just the wool we see.
  11. We are getting Back to the Basics of the good life - fun!
  12. Springmount Spinsters - we are doing it.

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