Sunday, November 27, 2011

Dear Wise Owl

Lauren G. is a fiber artist on the rise. 9,1/2 she comes from a strong tradition of hand crafting on both sides of here family. Her Oma has taken her under her wing and she is sailing along and is showing wonderful devotion and skill. Here is her owl made of upcycled sweaters and buttons. Lauren, you did a great job! Totally huggable.

These are the colours to KNA on my new Welcome Mat Dyeing column, Dyeing Matters. There are three new recipes a week, all are archived. Clockwise- Satisfy Yourself, Cheer and Constance

When I have a minute I'm doing some great reading and a looking!
Good for the soul, while sitting in my new Jenny's knee.

Here you can see the results and free pattern and lesson I'm posting for my Matters cos I love 'em!
I bet Lauren could do this one blindfolded!

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