Sunday, November 13, 2011

KNA - Storage

November soon you will be half over and I will still be here wearing my boots. I will have a new storage area with lights and cameras and action for the great dye tools of the North. The eye of newt and hair of bat.
And I will be in possession of two, count em two Isala cabinets as well where my wool will languish before it is dyed in complete Swedish aesthetically pleasing repose. Calm and puce these Isala soldiers will fight my woollen mayhem. Really I think I'll get out the tape measure and see if three are too much. I kind like the look of six though eh?
My home will look normal on the ground level for the first time ever.
What happens below or in the closet?


Speaking of repose in another meaning let's consider for a moment November, something meant to show you who is boss.

Restorative isn't it?

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