Monday, November 28, 2011

KNA- Showing that ski trail who's boss

You might wonder what I'm showing you here. Simply put it is a life saving device. Man spent the morning with Keith from Outdoor Environments creating a new direction for the bottom of the hill at the Colpoys Cross Country Ski Trail.
Before the surgery the hill was a little dangerous as the bottom featured a tiny creek that ran during most of the winter. Rightly so the groomer would not drive over this mud/ wet spot so they banked.
I'm not on bike and the ski trail is not a velodrome, I can't ski parallel to the earth.  Some can but that is not one of my talents. Too much bottom weight.

So now the trail is missing the hair pin velodrome style hill and curve and avoids the wet spot entirely.
Instead you will gently turn and swoosh and schusss and sing Valderi  and have a good time, not a seeing your life pass before your eyes and screaming at the top of your lungs good time.

I'm sorry for three things.

  1. I might have taken away your one and only good time
  2. I ordered the killing of a few trees
  3. I'm not a member of the choir below

I feel bad, but not much.

November you are trying to look all spring like in this picture of the ski trail but we are getting ready for you to pass on and be blessed by a blanket of snow and all the fun it entails.
And you will be on your yearly wander around waiting to be grey again.


  1. It is soooooo much easier staying firmly entrenched in the house! I must say that there is something ever so creepy about that video.....either they are on drugs or desperately NEED SOME!!

  2. That video sure does kick November's ass! Awesome.

  3. Such harmony! Ah Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha !!!! Hmmm, didnt we recently hear DONT FENCE ME IN, and now this...
    Dec 1st and the sun is shining. Getting my walking shoes out. Dear Wanda always daring us to wander-be it in wool or weather.