Sunday, November 6, 2011

KNA- BP Style

Today to kick some serious donkey I went to the Beach. 
Yah! That's right... the beach, it was a balmy 16 ˚C aka known as 60˚F. 
I wasn't the only one who went ...that's why it was so BP style! We are all called by the same siren.
It was like a sound wave spread out and lured us to the beach... wait, maybe it was aliens.
BP stands for Bruce Peninsula, and we are a close people, interbred even.
Technically Sauble Beach is not Pensinsular but it is not far off it.
Look at what I saw beachside:
 It's a bird
It's a photoshop
It's  Letter C day on Sesame Street 

Kite Boarders! Catching Big Air ! 10 of them and their splendidy coloured kites skimming and dipping swirling and flying! Take that November!


  1. Making me pine for my August vacay at Sauble. Nice photos, and nice weather eh? Lovin' it and lovin' November - now that's a first! Allyson - at another point on the Escarpment.

  2. Wow! You are cool on the BP! I first saw kiteboarding in Hawaii and loved it! It just looks amazing!