Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Dear Mom Dear Daughter

Dear Mom, I'm writing you this letter 'cos you are so right.
I want somebody to start a new company so I can work for them.
I want somebody to make an amazing quilt so I can enjoy it.
I want somebody to pay attention to me.
I just realized I need to do all these things myself, who needs somebody?

Dear Daughter,
I just realized you are so right.
When we set our minds to something nothing can stop us.
When something keeps happening only we stand in the way of it stopping.
When we need something that's missing in our lives only we can go get it.
 I just realized we are really something aren't we?

Dear Reader,
You are so right to keep reading this blog because it is riveting isn't it?
And I'm going to listen to you this time.
To what you are doing, not saying. But please comment too. It adds to the rivets.

Dear Mary,
 You are so right, you do not like to be patted.

Just so you know I'm not kicking it in this post. But I will tomorrow!

1 comment:

  1. Dear Blog may notice that I used the "or" on the end instead of the "er". This is how important this is in my rug hooking life line. BIG.... I wonder if the daughter wanted the quilt so each night when she lay down with her beloved she would also feel wrapped up in her mother's love?

    And the pumpkin cinnamon rolls look absolutely divine. Must try them. Please keep posting. November is such a cold month. Hugs to you both!