Friday, November 11, 2011

KNA - A makeover!

Ok- you could think this might be about my hair but you would be wrong!
But probably only about this topic because I know you are well past smart.
Smart I say.

I just made over the Welcome Mat
I was somewhat inspired by this artwork which I cannot credit because I cannot read Hungarian, I can speak it, but just not read it.
It's a small talent I have!

I love the layers and the awesome colours!

You know I'm kidding about the Hungarian right?
 I respect and am related to Hungarians. You can learn more about Hungary here.
I encourage you to run out and look at the art work of different cultures for new colour play, lines and layout.

So here is what the Mat looks like now!

I love refurbishing! I left out the yellowing effect because it snowed here today and I was feeling like crisp.

Speaking of crisp take a look at these palettes:

I feel a trend coming on!
Take that November!

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  1. I think I am off trend again- either way in the past or too far in the future. I am currently in love with rich garnety red and turquoise with a splash of yellowy green for fun. I also respect Hungarians as I am related on a soul level to one but mostly because I am HUNGARY quite often, especially this time of night. I pick palette number 5 and 8 with a bit of 1 for the garden room and 3 for the breakfast room. Fie on #2, it puts me to sleep. I do find 6 soothing but since I need energizing 5,8 and 1 are for me.