Tuesday, November 22, 2011

KNA- It's been 9 days and 40 chairs

You might think by my absence that I was knocked flat by the old November screws. The grey, the damp, the cold the dark, the grey, oh did I already say grey?
But no, I've just been busy, so busy kicking it I haven't been able to post.
Just going away one day last Monday put me way behind but now I'm caught up and full of things to tell you.

Since we last talked I got my Isalas. And before I left home I told Man, no matter what I say I can only have two Isalas, I will want three, but I cannot have them, have you got that Man? I cannot have them. It is too much for our hobbit house.
Yes said Man. He held me fast.

And here they are filled with my undyed wool which I have been whittling down to less of a massive presence in my home. There will be no wool shortage. I don't need to keep it all in my house.
And I love that I've given myself the freedom to return my house to a home instead of an exploded wool factory storage bin.

Here is a close up. 
Man loves to build these Ikea puzzles.
I do too but I let him have that fun.
We used to fight about who got to do it but never about how like most people.
We are weird.

Here is my new Hemnes dresser. It is in my studio to hold wool to spin in it's drawers ( don't we all wish we had wool in our drawers? hmm.. maybe we do but it isn't spinnable) it holds the dyed fibre and my drum carder. It is a perfect height for hobbits to drum card. LOVE IT!
November you makes me nesty insteads of testy.  Na na na na na.

 And now for the fortuitous happenings. Have I ever told you how much I love the As Is section of Ikea? See here this table, beautiful, white, pedestal table with a bun ( OMG I love bun legs on things).
It has two leaves, self stored and it was only 1/3 of it's usual price. Problem? It had 2 ft. of very sticky dirty tape on the top. Time to resolve? 5 minutes. Tool used? Elbow grease and Goo Gone. 
I'm in heaven.

Fortuitous Happening #2

New spinning chair, the Jenny Eklund. Also in the As Is. No problem to solve. 1/2 the normal price, only needed to buy a cover. I love this chair!
I love grey... did you hear that November, I LOVE GREY!
Man made me go around the house and count the chairs I have when we got home, I had to include 3 stools and one child's chair. The answer? 40. OMG is that all? I think I need a few more.

Funny aside. We only drove the Subaru Outback to Ikea. But due to my hooking teaching/ traveling I am a terrific packer. I mean I think I could enter Olympic competition packing. When the car is seen unpacked people are incredulous. I'm very confident in my packing ability.
So I see my long beloved table in the As Is and I want it and I've seen it there before and didn't press because of Man believing it would not fit. And I left it there. BOOOOHOOOO.
I also had 3 chairs with no table to sit around and so they were lined up in a row like a bus station.
This is bad jou jou. It makes people not want to stay in my house.
Then I saw my wee Jenny chair. And I wanted it too.
I had to decide which one.
Can you choose between your children?
So I asked Man for the chair, will it fit? He said No.
He says No to any question but really against all political correctness No does mean yes in his case.
But we waggled our boxes of Isala and Hemnes and voila room for dear Jenny to fit right in.
It was then I told him, I want the table too. I was in the mood for making it work.
I thought we could strap it to the top of the car with it's legs in the air. And we did. I'm so glad I don't have that bumper sticker on my car that says I'm a hooker anymore! Even my table legs are in the air!
We drove home through the November afternoon with a table upside down on our car. It was easy to pick out in the parking lot. It looked kinda cool and it matched our car. But I was glad it was dark ( hear that Nov.?) by the time I got near our home where we might be recognized.
Take that November. Your threats of rain did not scare us.

 By the way November I'll decide who is dark and grey here too, this will happen when I want.

Also in the as is I found a new cover for my Karlstaad chair.
It's pattern was a little much with my orientals.

Using coton dye I turned it grey.

I want to do some more decoration on this cover with black  sharpie and create some additional curvy lines or invent something I haven't thought of yet.
My room is brightened up considerably with this beautiful feather pillow from the smart Swedish store.

 Also I dressed up my dressmaker smarty  ( why call them a dummy? it's not their fault they have no head) in hand spun and hand dyed finery.

 In the mail I got two beautiful BKL fleeces from Michigan, they will soon be white as snow.
I love snow so much November, I'll have it inside.
And last but not least I was able to get a wonderful deal on a travelling spinning wheel which I need to go to spin in each week. The Little Gem II. See it's bag?
Here is how it folds down and there is the Duchess of York spinning on it. If it is good enough for her, then I say I'm happy November, no matter what you are doing out there, I'm doing great! And your days are numbered as are mine but I'm out lasting you this year.


  1. Wanda - man, you crack me up. We definitely come from the same stock. I too love Ikea and especially the As Is section. And my dad was the packer of all packers, so I often tell hubby to get out of the way, "I've graduated from the Chuck Brown school of packing", and lo all the stuff gets in the car - voilà! Not that dad's name was Chuck, but that's a whole other story, Charlie Brown.

  2. Happy Happy Happy! What a fun post! I love nesting and have been doing it a bit myself. I too love IKEA and cover my ears when anyone says the furniture is =cheap= ....don't like it, don't care. I love the clean lines and the way it makes me think of sunshine glinting thru the windows on a snow covered day.

  3. Dears!
    Let's plan a trip. We would be in heaven and I'll buy you all the $1 breakfast.
    Cheap? I do not find it so. It find it sturdy and comfortable, easy to put together, kinda like myself.
    I love the wabi sabi of the as is... it is for me.
    Too bad for those other suckers.