Monday, August 29, 2011

Whew, I'm almost done this portrait

Man made me swear a holy oath not to touch my teefs today. I did carve one tooth out so it was more pointed and now these teeth look like mine. But I didn't rip out and I didn't rehook.
That's saying something.
I fixed my chin by moving the dark over one row, took out a bright warm and added in a dull darker warm. I fixed the right hand corner of my mouth. I added the ice, which is higher on one side than the other on purpose, the open water, the escarpment and now I'm dyeing for the sky. I have a colour I'm heading for laying a the top of the rug. Once again I thank my stars I'm able to dye or I'd be ready to spit about now.
I bet you are all very happy you will not have to hear the travails of my teeth any longer and would love a change of topic.

So here is a little something about my hair. Just for a change, good as a rest they say...

Last week I went to the hair dresser, oh I think it was the week before, anyway she was doing the "do" after the cut. All the sudden I see this weird white powder in her hands and she throws it onto my hair, scrunches it and it stays up.
My hair is a bit like those killer whales you see at Sea World, it has it's routine and it sticks to it and yes it does leaps and dives too but not like this.
I could not believe how it sat up and took notice of the strange substance.
I've heard how "invigorated " people feel if they indulge in Snow- if you get my drift and this powder had sort of a strange consistency, likes to be air borne, kinda got up in your nose if you weren't careful. And my hair had LIFT OFF without any other help.

I had to ask .... what's that?
And now I know you will want some too. Even if it is illegal and banned in 7 countries, and you could get arrested or die.
SUDZZ makes it. ( sure)
It is called Design Powder. ( yah right) 1/4 oz for $20
This is gonna be an expensive hobby.
Oh yes Amazon sells it and it smells like all the best candy from your childhood rolled into one.
What is this world coming to?


  1. Wanda,
    You and your portrait are a couple of very very lovely ladies!!! Awesome hooking!
    Now about the sudzz. Maybe they should make it illegal the way you describe it! LOL!! But hey if it works....
    Cathy G

  2. Quit's gorgeous!! With all this manic hooking, how does your hand/wrist hold up? An inquiring mind wants to know....I'd be on the list for carpal tunnel surgery by now. The escarpment has that wintery tone and I'm looking forward to the sky bit. I thought it ended where it's at now. I'm impressed by your diligence....please send me some. : )

  3. Cathy, that design powder.... I think it used to come in pixie sticks....
    Thank you for the compliment!

    Jean, I think I'm done adjusting, I don't want to be like Nero, fiddling while Rome burns.
    This morning I'm going to dye the dreaded "white sky" I don't know about you but those non colours are the hardest for me to make. Subtle is not my forte.
    I use my forearm more than my wrist and it feels a bit like Popeye's today. I wasn't having a moments grief until yesterday when I had to pull through the green for the escarpment, the wool was thick and difficult but of course, the perfect colour.
    Manic? Whatever wilI do will my spare time after the First of September?

  4. I am COLD just looking at you with your winter togs on. Colors are great!

    It is wonderful Wanda! Really....

  5. I feel the sun on your face...I love watching the progression of this rug. Thank you for sharing it! It really is like giving birth when you create! (bring on the forceps for those toothies....they did not want to come out!!!! ) LOL