Sunday, August 14, 2011

I should be....

Right this minute I should be catching up on my email. There is lots of wonderful things to respond to and some just rote but I gotta do it and sometime today.

Instead I'm obsessed with my rug. I'm having to hook at night quite a bit, and when I'm done hooking I think: that patch ain't right. But it's not the patch I'm working on. It is the patch acres below where I'm working.
Well, here is the strange phenom that is transpiring (oh and that's not the only one, more later) every colour I put in creates a new frisson in the other colours present. All was well until dulled down to within an inch of their lifes (yes that's a word), I inserted my yellows. There were two I used, one containing only slightly more yellow than the other.
And of course what should happen?
Yes predictably my lavender started acting like an ass and misbehaving. Looking both dark and unco-operative.
So now all I can think about is what to put in it's place.
I'm too afraid to go down and look.
Really I'm terrified.
If it was sunny today I'd throw that rug out in the way back of my Outback and let the sun do the soothing to that lavender.

Brief interruption to our regular programming...
I taught a clever and artistic woman to hook yesterday and she was coming in today to have her am I doing it right session. She is so smart and a real self starter.
Here is what she hooked.
Right away she knew something wasn't right about the dark middle but we quickly talked about it and I'm sure it will be perfect in no time. It needs to be lightened up to let the tree trunk come to the foreground. Well done Heather!

This session meant I had to go down and look at my rug whether I wanted to or not. When I took a photo it didn't look so strange, perhaps it is the green section which needs to show up to the party more, by being lighter, no worries I'll get it sorted out. But I don't think I can until I enter into the big bad world of dark for the tree area across the river.

BTW I was talking to Mary Anne the other day and I suggested she take a video of the show this rug is for and put it on youtube for us all to see if we can't make it to Red Wing. If it happens I'll link it in my blog.
Here is the info about the show again:
Exhibit Title: Mary Anne Wise & Friends: the art of the hooked rug.
Dates: Sept 23 - Nov 18, 2011
Location: The Anderson Center, Red Wing, MN.
Hook-in: Sept 23, 1 - 5:30 (dinner available on site for $10. Reservations to Mary Logue:

Strange Event #2
I started a new audio book last night.
Very good, about women in earlyish 1800s, the seaside and rocks. Tracy Chevalier- Remarkable Creatures.
I'm usually running through a paperback at the same time and I finished my current one last night just before going to sleep.

I picked up my new start paperback this morning due to not going on a walk, taking a day off because my ankle and heel was giving me hell all day long and still hurt in the morning.
Which means reading in bed in the early morning!!!

Two new book starts in 12 hours, good for anybody right?
Now I can usually keep these two book streams fairly separated.
I listen to books when I go walking, hook and sometimes when I cook.
I read books when I'm tired, sleepy, bored or can't put it down.

Two completely different funny bones being tickled there.

I pick up my book titled Curiosities by Joan Taylor.
hmmm another book with a character Mary, read read read, hmmmm she also collects fossils and sells them... readreadreadreadread, her father has the same name as the other Mary's father.... oh I must have read this last night and cross pollinated the reading /listening continuum. But wait, last night I heard about the Misses Philpot. Mary's father made them a cabinet for their curies.
Before my mind collapsed on itself I quickly surmised these were two distinct books on the self same true events taking place in Lyme Regis.

Still I think for my own sanity I best start another paperback.
Thoughtfully Penguin provides a reading guide for the Chevalier book, you can see it here.
Okay, now I'm just plain procrastinating.
Have a wonderful day!


  1. From the photo I would just say persevere until it is complete and adjust later. It looks very much like the photo and many times our minds tell us it ain't so even tho we have the photo to prove it was just like that!

  2. Gracie!
    I'm not big on that theory, as a matter of fact I like to reject it outright. Not you dear Gracie, just the theory. That's crafting.
    In real life, as opposed to the photo, the lavender is not doing the work it should to let the pink lay flat, this is not a problem if you are depicting a tsunami. If you are depicting a slow moving river it is trouble that can be be compounding by letting it stay there. See what I mean? Lavender needs to be fired so someone more efficient can start to work and help the whole piece function.