Tuesday, August 9, 2011

If By Water- Baptism in Dye

My new project required some hot water and dye commitment from me yesterday. The time I had set aside to hook got used at the stove instead. Consequently I ended up hooking until 10pm. That meant of course I couldn't get to sleep because I was listening to the series on Alexia Tarabotti Book Three and heavens! shut the story off just as a needle was felt in her neck at the Italian Border.

Prior to my dyeing session I was just wimping along try to make this and that work but the real thing you should take away from this cautionary tale is, you can get away with fudging in temperature and saturation on one section or even two in a rug but you cannot get away with it when you are building an atmosphere and every piece of wool you choose is to the right or left of correct. BAH! Why I be so dumb? HUH?

I ripped out and rather than start from scratch I redyed the cut strips. Why through hem in a pile when they can be put to use for darker or brighter colours, you can even make them duller.
I love dyeing already dyed things to try to get them closer to my ideal. It is so much fun to punch the colour out or up or make them warmer or cooler. Sometimes you think nothing happened but affixing a clothes pin to one end will reveal all when you are done.

Two things you can note also, you can redye cut strips from a section of your rug and even dry them in the dryer ( #12 cut, no tangling) but be aware they will shrink slightly and will not fill up the space in the same way.

I dyed many uncut pieces of wool as well and was off to the races when I did sit down with The Parasol Protectorate.
It's movie date today, not sure what it will be but I gotta run as I'm already behind on my schedule and the requires getting off my behind!
Pictures of If By Water Rug 2 coming soon...

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