Saturday, August 27, 2011

Fixes and Bucky's

My coat is making me a little crazy tonight but at least it is distracting me from my teeth which I spent TWO HOURS on today..... I'm practically a dentist.
I might have to do a couple of things lessening or deepening values in certain spots on my coat. But I declare now is the time for Old Grandad Potato Chips.
Tomorrow is another day.
A good hint:
I like to take photos of my work and print them out to troubleshoot problem areas, it allowed me to do lots of fixes today.
Right eyebrow,
Two too bright spots
One not showing up enough
Getting rid of my five o clock shadow... what a Godsend that was.
and the dreaded you know whats

My teeth... you do know if my hair was showing much I'd be totally obsessing about it but in lieu, may I introduce my teeth?
I have hooked my teeth with such a powerful amount of material they are actually physically convex.
Thank goodness for my Black and Decker Orthodontist Iron!!


  1. - boy have you been busy - I love the protrait and the journey you are taking your viewers on while working out the details. Thanks for posting!

  2. Wanda....that's YOU! is really coming along....LOVELY!

  3. I too, like seeing the issues worked out - and the hint about taking pix I will try!