Thursday, August 4, 2011

My Novel on Why I'm taking Time Off

This photo is titled "Woman with a heavy load" Need I say more? LOL!!!!

I've recently heard people are conjecturing quite a bit on why Woolgathering is cancelled and unrelatedly, why I'm taking the summer off from having weekly hook-ins.

I want to reassure you I'm the same body and soul as I've always been and despite what you've heard about pressures I might have been undergoing, I'm great. As a matter of fact I'm better than ever.

Martin is now a teacher at The Outdoor Education Center and has the summer off. We've been having a great time.
During the last few months of the school year I was running two online classes with over 50 students that required daily attention and suddenly, but very happily our daughter was getting married, (and no I'm not going to be anyone's gramma soon). She met her heart mate and neither saw any need to wait. She gets that honestly enough because I was engaged for 20 days, at least she waited two months.

There was a lot of stuff to undertake just with my classes and I found myself not being my usual competent, happy self and stretched hard in all directions.
Unfortunately this did not make me thin.
We decided I needed some time off. I had not stopped hook-in for over 7 years except for occasions when I would go away to teach.

I have not been able to hook seriously and with a passion for a long time. This is not good. I'm a hooker! I gotta hook!
So I'm doing the thing I love this summer and it has restored me tremendously.

Now onto Woolgathering.

Long ago I accepted an opportunity to be part of a art gallery show in Wisconsin where I would develop a series of rugs around an idea. I'm writing about this on my blog and you can read about it there.
The announced due date for that show falls just before Woolgathering.
I'm also part of the Artists Around the Sound Tour as a special guest this Thanksgiving. I hope this will bring our craft to the attention of more people.
I have an online magazine that requires daily attention, a blog, an etsy store, as well as two online teaching studios and writing my articles for Rug Hooking each issue.
I can only do so many things at once and I want one of those things to be hooking.
I apologize to you if you are disappointed that Woolgathering is cancelled.

I'm not unable to leave my house because of agoraphobia, I'm not sick, sad, or divorced, nor befallen any other calamity. I'm not running away with my handsome Argentian gaucho or preparing to start a country and western band. Neither spinning nor embellishing nor painting have overcome me and caused me to turm away from hooking.

I'm hale and happy and doing what I'm meant to.
I hope you find yourself as blessed. Now if I could only get my garden straightened out, life would be most excellent.
I'd love to hear back from you if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to print this out and share with those you want to.
Happy Hooking, Wanda


  1. who cares what THEY think.....recharge, rejuevenate, recreate with the man. Everyone knows teachers get time off in the summer.

  2. I'm with you Gracie - lots of people have the summer off and do whatever they darn well please with no explanation. Nothing wrong Wanada with taking some time to enjoy the things that feed your soul - so eat up and enjoy! Peggy

  3. I love it when the rumour mill runs full circle! It's kind of like that game we played as kids where we pass along a message by whispering what we "heard" from our friend on our left to our friend on the right. The final message is completely different.

    So, Wanda! Did you know that "you are no longer having hook-ins? Your not into that anymore." That's what I heard from an Owen Sound hooker! I know better - you'd never cast us adrift. Marion

  4. Marion, It is so surprising to me why no one asks me why I'm doing anything they just start gums a flapping!
    I'm so "into it" I want to actually have time to do it !
    Right this minute I'm dyeing up my wool I need for my new rug....
    I love doing my own work for myself, call me selfish and greedy but how can anyone hope to provide good service for someone else if they are not "doing it" themselves. I refuse to be a dilettante!

  5. Thank you for your support kind and understanding hookers!

  6. You go Girl! Not that I'm in the loop on the rumours, but pshaw, just do what feeds your soul. Goodness knows many of us don't have enough time for hooking and can relate - or at least I can.

  7. Wanda, I'm wow'd by your schedule! I'd have to be alot more blessed in order to accomplish even half of your list!

  8. I'm Rose from Des Moines! Came back recharged from Sauder Village and decided to sign up for a year's worth of "The Welcome Mat" after hearing several mentions of the site at the conference.

    Your site seems to be exactly what I need at this time in my rug hooking development.

    I'm just starting back to community college teaching for the fall. I have a challenging schedule, but I'm going to fight to get some hooking into my life each week and more often where possible. I have about three projects started. I like it that way. I moved between projects as the mood suits me.

    Thanks for your kindness when I signed up for the trial offer of "The Welcome Mat" in July.

    You've got me for the year, and maybe for much longer than that. I hope I can get to know some more folks in the rug hooking world.

    Sauder Village was my third rug camp experience. The show was beyond wonderful.

    All the best to you, Wanda.

    Rose Marie Toubes in Des Moines, Iowa