Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Signed Sealed Delivered

I'm all done my portrait. I'm sorry about the dim photo, it is night and that's the best we could do.... In real life this rug sparkles like a diamond, I don't know how or why.
I'll take a daylight photo of all the rugs tomorrow so I have a record of them.
Back to being done:
When I say I'm done that means I won't ever touch it again to fix anything.
When I'm done I'm really done.
Like for instance if Birdee decides to be a rug ripper and pulls all my teef out, I'd have to say I was in a bar room brawl just before the photo was taken.
Or if a rat chews my hat I'll just have to cut a hole in my hat.
If a flood stains one whole half of my face I'll say I had a birthmark then.
If I never see it again I'll say... what rug?

Do you want to see this rug and many other marvy rugs in person?
Maybe you could go to the exhibit.
Exhibit Title: Mary Anne Wise & Friends: the art of the hooked rug.
Dates: Sept 23 - Nov 18, 2011
Location: The Anderson Center, Red Wing, MN.
Hook-in: Sept 23, 1 - 5:30 (dinner available on site for $10. Reservations to Mary Logue:

I hope there will be a youtube video and I'll let you know when I find out.

I'm very happy to say ( singing the theme to Rocky ) that I am all done my rugs for this show on the date I aimed for.
This Peace by Water weighs 4.5 lbs.
All that remains is the packing up and the posting to take place tomorrow. Man and I did a little dumpster diving and we were graced with the perfect box.
I wonder how much the shipping will be? I bet between $60 and $100
I must be crazy.
It also appears I might be deranged by looking at my studio.
Chaos reigns.
Here is hooker's little helper Birdee... she was so devoted during the great hookathon of August 2011, she spent every minute I was in the studio with me.... or was she devoted to Heaven's to Betsy Wool and that lovely basket Joanne gave me ? Hard to tell....

May you sleep as peacefully as she.


  1. Wanda,
    I am going to try and make it to that exhibit! It's only a couple of hours from where I live!
    OH LORD! To see one of your rugs in real life! Don't know if my heart could stand it!!!
    Hope you are sleeping as peacefully as Birdie! You deserve a good long rest after your hooking marathon!
    Cathy G

  2. All homage to are definitely a rug hooking goddess (which is far better than those who think they are queens or archbishops)! I want to see these rugs in person, too....pouting here because it is a bit too far to go. Those darling fur babies may look like they were asleep, but secretly they were sending you all their energies so that you could fly thru the projects. They are devious that way. xx

  3. It ROCKS!!!! It is a beautiful painting in wool!!! is extraordinaire!!!!
    Congratulations .....really well done.

  4. Cathy,
    be sure to let me know how it is! I wish I could go too!
    Thanks for wishing me sleep because I need it.

    That explains a lot of things, you know when I would get up each morning I would find more hooked than when I left it. I believe Celie was the one who finally got my teefs right. Thank you for knighting me into goddessdom. LOL! I find my feet are still made of clay though. What can you do about that?

    Tony - THANK YOU I've always wanted to rock instead of just wearing them. I appreciate your encouragement.