Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Plastic Flowers and Flying Saucers of Wool!

Here are some photos of some old plastic flower that blew up into my yard today Cathy.They are as fake as the day is long, I'll be lucky to see a crocus before July 4th.
See how they are all bent over ? Old and half ruined too. Ugly old things.
Defiant as usual I declare that roving does not need to be hand painted to create that " rainbow effect" Why waste your time? It is so quick to do with out any fuss or plastic or brush. Unless you have hours of time to squander dabbing at wool with brushes.... alls I'm saying is, you don't have to!
This one has the Mary seal of approval and that's saying something. Good for kneading even when wet!


  1. The purple and green roving is gorgeous!!!!

  2. I am laughing Wanda! Actually I'm trying to adjust my attitude as the weather people are talking possibly temps in the 70's this weekend! Canadian plastic sure looks real LOL!
    Love the roving and hope you tell the secret to getting those colors without all the work!
    Cathy G

  3. Thank you Alice!
    Cathy, I'm always surprised at what is out in my yard every day, today its an old chip bag and a overwintered flyer, but they have the distinction of at least being authentic.
    I'll be making a downloadable PDF about how to do this to roving right directly, probably in a few weeks.

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