Sunday, April 17, 2011

Canadian Tire!!! is For Dyers

This baby is all we desire......
My oh my ... how we Canadians lust after the "in America only" Kitchen kettle for dyeing.
I don't rightly remember how this rage for Presto pots began but I first saw one at The Northern McGown teacher's workshop, Helen Connelly was showing us what she did with it in her class for baby teachers. (It used to be called a Fry Daddy or a Fry Baby) You all know that must have been a while ago due to my current status as a jaded old hooker..

The kitchen kettle (go here to read and try to suss out why Canadians are not deemed by our government mature enough to handle them, you KNOW we are always putting cords in our mouths!!!) is quick, self contained and has a great temperature control. BUT WHY DO WE THINK WE NEED THEM? Is it the same feeling I got when I was 12 and looked at Seventeen and longed for Bonne Bell products? Because we ain't got it we want it all the more? Scarcity breeds desire and all that? I'm putting an X through that baby.
Please let me wave this awhile:

Thank you for indulging me... I 'm writing to tell you though I have kitchen kettles I highly recommend the good old rice cooker that you can buy in any country rice is cooked.
It is just as good, maybe better in my mind because if it gets boiling away too much mine will switch itself down to warm from cook. We can buy them here, they are not expensive and most come with steamer basket, a boon for doing little saran or foil wrapped dyed dumplings while you dye bigger things below.
For the regular home dyer you cannot beat it!
They come in a variety of sizes, I have a very simple one, with a removable lid, I advocate that. Look here to see what I mean about lid styles.
Right now Canadian Tire has a sale on them as well as a set of three Anchor Hocking glass measuring cups for 1/2 price, you cannot have too many of those!!
Go Canadian Tire!!! Dye Canada!

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