Wednesday, April 6, 2011

April Happenings on The Mat

Before I start talking about the Mat I wanted to let you see my new makeover. I'm so happy with it I turned it into a Calendar! That box in my hands is full of wool!

And now to The Mat doings...

A Challenge
A daily circus is mine to watch out my back window as the crows caw and spin and gather their nesting materials. Too bad they can't get in the house because I have lots of goodies they could create with in here.

I bet you do too! So here is our challenge: Build us a nest that represents you!

Yes sing out to us like this little Robin , show us your tribute to your everlasting piles of wonderful stuff!


Only found or recycled objects

Can be in any material and I mean any, try to use a method or material you've had on hold so far and haven't got around to using.

flat, 2 or three dimensional

have messy gluey, stitchy, happy fun!

Deadline - yup that's an ugly old word ain't it?

Let's try to get them done in a couple of weeks for Friday April 15- Fibre Fun Friday, a newly proclaimed holiday on the Mat.

Need impetus?

These will make wonderful keepsakes of this long awaited spring and great studio decorations.

You need to make something soon, and I mean soon.

Inspiration from Nature

Inspiration from Artists

How it will work

I'm starting a Play Day Group Discussion to support the nest building activity! It will be called Build a Nest. Finished nests will be posted there.

Not interested this time? There are plenty of other things to read and do in Play Day!Got questions? Ask them.

Fiber Fun Friday

On April 15th we are having a fibre holiday, it will stretch into the whole week-end. There are many things planned, a free class and give aways and a member mix up to name a few.

Hmmm how do these pictures of me keep popping up?

WandaWorks is offering two online classes soon- look here to sign up in a few days.

Note: WandaWorks is an entity outside the realm of The Mat. These online studios offer more attention and guidance than what can be provide in this magazine. There is a fee for partaking in these lessons

The Classes:

Sign up day is coming soon for a class in my online dye kitchen, Dear Beginner Dyer, for novice dyers or those who want a better handle on dyeing. This is a class with 4 lessons, you will receive a pdf booklet at the end of class containing all lessons, links to videos and good questions asked and answered in class.

In my online studio there will be a 4 part class called Let's Face It. Learn how to create a portrait using my techniques, we will all build the same portrait in this class so you can learn from each other. It is a small face slice. I reveal all my tips and tricks about portraits and colour. Booklet will also be prepared for your perusal after class.

Yes these booklets will be for sale afterwards but they will not be supported, that means no asking me questions.

Prerequisite for this class: you must suspend your long held beliefs.

Remember you can sign up to The Mat for free for a month... ( look to the right) come join us , we are having a ball, a big old ball of wool that is! The Welcome Mat is the best kinda nest!

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