Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Knopion, Trillium, Rampion

I just got an order of knops delivered to my house and I spun some up undyed into roving. You can see them starring in above photo as white bits of unbuttered popcorn.
My real desire was to dye them of course. I made a warm selection, a cool and a multicoloured mixture. It was quite a delightful sensation to play with these in wet soapy water.
Oh do you know what knops are?
The are bits of wool placed in a centrifugal force machine that rolls them into balls to be used in the making of pillows. At least that's how and for what mine where made.
When it came time to dye them I got most of them out of the pail and into pan... but catching the last 5% was like trying to catch tapioca in a pail or frog eggs... very elusive!
Finally I had to strain them. They all kept wonderfully separate as I dyed them and grew even longer tails to catch up in the draft.... sounds like I'm talking about tadpoles or dragonfly nymphs. Here they are.

We were walking the Bruce Trail on Monday and although cold in Wiarton when we left home Jackson's Cove was amazingly warm, we had to start stripping off as soon as we left our car.
And look what a splendid site I saw, a trillium thrusting up its sturdy leaves through the fallen curtain of brown paper bag leaves.

And here, spring tonic for every good Ontarian in this vicinity, Wild Leeks, Allium tricoccum.
I grew up here and it was a grand tradition to go out leek hunting, bring home a "feed " Everybody would sit around cleaning them. I think they got blanched and then cooked in scads of butter and salt and pepper.
I really do love the smell of them. But I never eat them. They make garlic breath seem by comparison, most pleasant. It is like comparing a match to the Towering Inferno. A glass of water to the ocean. A toothpick to a mighty oak. You get my drift. Man of course had to pull one and have a little nibble. I guess that's a small price to pay for my recent heart rock.
People tell tales of being sent home from school after eating them because they poisoned the air of the whole one room school house!

There are daffodils and spring peepers and I'm a happy girl, how's it going for you Cathy?

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