Thursday, April 7, 2011

Breakfast at Wanda's

So I wanted a little bite of toast this morning. That's not a crime is it? But burning my house down is! Before I knew it my "toast" was aflame and the thick black smoke was everywhere. There were FLAMES people.... yellow orange, licking FLAMES. Once I got that out and thrown to the deck ( yes, that is my special place to throw unwanted household stuff including flaming toasters and mice) I set out to burn something else completely by accident, really officer, it was an accident.....

The Toast

This is not asphalt, lava rock or coal. It is not tar sands, it is not petrified dinosaur hide, it is not cinders.... ok ... maybe it is cinders. What it was meant to be was the treat for hook-in today.
Now the very sad news is I did the self same thing to the treat for hook-in last week, peanut butter brownies.
What did the two recipes have in common?
I had to melt chocolate.
I had to melt chocolate on a low flame.
A low flame I cannot seem to see nor remember to shut off.
Once baked I set the goods out on my stove RIGHT ON TOP OF THE BURNER THAT IS NOT SHUT OFF....... OMG!!! Several minutes, maybe an hour later I smell something still baking as in the case of the pb brownies or as in today due to the rancid smoke filled house and afflicted nostrils from the aforementioned toast incident, I had to touch the pan before I caught on.... why are you oven hot when I you've been cooling for 45 min... ?
Even betty crocker is pointing her broken spoon at the mess I made.
And Bless my hookers, they just keep on coming! I handed them out gas masks and hazmat suits and we all just carried right on. If you look to the right you can see the charred toaster door.
Man just wondered if I plan on bringing it back in and cleaning it up....
Not likely Mr. Man, not bloody likely.


  1. I understand now why your profile about me says "always making something, mostly trouble"! OMG Wanda!
    Is that real toast?
    Cathy G

  2. Yes my friend, that toast is real unlike the fake flowers that surround my home, would you like the recipe? It's quite simple. I love the taste of charcoal in the morning.