Tuesday, April 12, 2011

So much to tell

Lots of things are happening and I'll try to be brief, that is not my strong point - I warn you.

The Welcome Mat
We are having a Fibre Fun Friday and week-end long extravaganza.
This will not involve bran flakes to any great degree but somehow we are soldiering on with out it. We are having fun.... more fun that a scarf covered tractor!
Is nothing sacred to lovers of wool?

We are making nests!
Here is a beauty from Welcome Mat member, Linda Burke:

Isn't this little nest divine?
We are having a fibre swap, send one oz. to a computer generated partner this Monday!
We are going to have an online free lesson including a pattern and another challenge to see what surface destruction we can cause a piece of wool. It is a great time to be a fibre artist with all the delicious options.

From The Studio- On the Mat I'm now offering a couple of treasures from the my lair during the week, this is today's special.
If you want it write me!

Remember you can join the Mat for a trial period of one month, maybe this would be a good time to try it out, the excitement is both positive and contagious. If you are in "the between season doldrums", this is surely the CURE.

Wanderful Dye Kitchen
Today I posted the class outline for the Dear Beginner Dyers
Here it is in case you were wondering what will happen inside that ground breaking place.

Beginner Dye Class Outline

Lesson #1

Part One

Getting to know your tools, dyes, wool and measurements so you control your outcome, including wool measuring charts and how much dye to create certain values

Part Two

How to dye wool, silk and nylon

4 Recipes, 4 methods

Lesson #2

Part One

Making your own formulas- with the knowledge from lesson #1 you will easily make you own wonders.

Part Two

Guided Explorations

I’ll give you 4 dyeing assignments to firm up your nerve and cement your understanding.

You can take this class at anytime during the month. One lesson will be posted each week and you will have all the written materials, photos and links to videos sent to you to help you in the future. If you are interested you can sign up here.

The Face class you say? It is set to begin just after Easter, as soon as the dye class is underway, look here for details. I can run two classes but I can't start them all at once.
Thanks for understanding!

And I had the most amazing email conversation over the week-end which I'll be posting here tomorrow. It was all about learning. Self learning, the best kind!

I also got a boxful of goodies in the mail to show you but I fear I've prattled on way to long so until tomorrow, happy hooking , creating, spinning and dyeing!

Yes I must go and contemplate how I got this turkey neck and I'm not even singing opera any more. Look how he's got me at the edge of a cliff again, if anything, you know, drastically untoward happens, you'll tell won't you? Notice he changed nature's whole outfit...made it fall when its spring... diabolical

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