Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Where are your working from ?

I'm downstairs readying the studio for hook-in tomorrow. It's high time we all got into a schedule here.
As I tidy up I'm finding treasures. notes I made while teaching this summer, little pieces of wool that are exquisite, things I made for my friend but forgot to deliver...
Here is something from Oprah's columnist Martha Beck, she has a column about it the September issue.

I shared during the last away class I taught. It is a piece of gold indeed.

When you act or work from a base of fear it:
Always feels bad
Motivates grasping
Seizes control
Insists on certainty
Needs everything

When you work or act from a base of love it:
Always feels good
Motivates liberation
Relaxs control
Accepts uncertainty
Needs nothing

Let your motto be I want to feel good !
Jump for joy ! ( Danielle smith photo)

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  1. Thanks Wanda. Good to be reminded. BTW am thoroughly enjoying the vicarious view of your creative process--always such a mystery, even my own! Very rewarding as it allows me to reflect--thank you for taking the time and the effort. I find myself anticipating the next developments!!