Monday, September 7, 2009

What do you mean expressive colour ?

This is a question I get frequently. We know that colours are frequently used to describe feelings. Green with envy, I saw red, what a yellow belly ! This type of description is part of our everyday speech.
We are very expressive with colour there.

We also dress and decorate with colour expressively. To create a calm presence in a room we use cool colours, to make a statement we were a red dress. To be authoritative we wear black.

When we hook our rugs we don't really think about being expressive as much. A sky ? well, it's some sort of blue isn't it ?
When I talk abuot being expressive I want our imaginations to take flight. I want us to think about what else could our sky contain.
Could some lavender or mint or yellow be placed in our sky with handsome effect ? Could we imagine a subtle pink showing up from time to time ?

Can we become users of rich colour instead of poor colour ?
By that I don't mean using one colour for a sky is bad, what I mean is we have a wealth of colour at our fingertips in our wool baskets, lets start applying it like we own the world.

When we can do this we create impact for the viewer, the mystery to look for more, they feel satisfied when they see complexity.
A myriad of colours to create an essence of one.
Take a close look at this painting, not the sky though it is magnificent, look at the snow to see rich colour
Stuarts Hike by Mikel Wintermantel

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