Friday, September 4, 2009

Inspired to Look By Jean

Today Jean suggested I look at the works of JW Waterhouse for the interesting effects of light , especially The Magic Circle.

I also saw these while I looked at that:

Personally that's how I wait for my man each day... Fair Rosamund indeed! Look at her tapestry behind her. Instead I have my frame !

Sleep and his half brother death, look how light indicates each brothers name.

Though Thisbe is a comely model it is the distance light through the window that beckons me

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  1. Forgot to tell you...if you go to there are links to info on Waterhouse including short videos of the Curator discussing some of the famous paintings...the symbolism, style, etc. I especially like Nymphs Finding Orpheus' Head. I can think of a few hooker's heads I'd like to find floating. The exhibit runs to Sept 13 so the web page should be up all week. Jean