Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Here is what the Patinated( SP ) Pewter Looks Like

Here are the result of yesterday's dyeing video. I think I'm in love ! For a closer look click on the picture.
I'm getting ready to start drawing my Vogue rug today using the facing letter E 's as my border.
I plan to hook a bit on it each day but know I cannot get each motif done each day.
By using a common "oriental " rug hooking tip I'm going to hook a wide swath through all the motifs wherre they meet up to see how colour plays and what I will do, then I'll hook the rest at my leisure.

As I've said, things I want to look out for :
using the same old colours I always do in the values I always resort to
going to my design safety zone
I'd love to hear what you think of the first day's design, you can drag it off to your desktop be printed out if you like !

I'm loading videos for the online dye class now , I better get to it !
I'm using two computers at once, wish I had a third... am I turning geeky ? I'm afraid ... very afraid !


  1. OMGosh! I LOVE that wool!!! GORGEOUS!!! Can't wait to see it hooked!

  2. KIm , I know and to think it started out with me spilling too much yellow out into a measuring cup that was damp, I couldn't throw it back into the jar. So I had to use it up !
    I'm really happy with it. Thank you.