Sunday, September 20, 2009

Vogueing # 20

This one is really tickling my fancy and might need its own rug. Look for the nurse on page 302 of the magazine.
I got caught up on my drawing today, meaning I've got all my geometric inspirations on my rug save for my nurses.
I had quite a debate with myself. I feel that I want a blank space in the vogue rug, I like how it looks.
BUT I've got 10 more days of designs to apply. I could start a whole new rug with the Nurses and add the rest of the designs to it. Couldn't I ?
What's more important ? That I hold to my original idea ? Or that I listen to my rug say I want a field.
Put like that is there even a debate ?
I don't think so.
So tomorrow I'll start drawing a new rug ! I hope you understand.
Since I last posted a picture of September Vogue I've hooked the middle portion of it. What a surprise as I added the other parts my dead center was not actually dead center. So out comes what I've hooked to be revamped in the real true center. Whatever that means.
Truthfully I always love when things are a little askew, it makes them more magical to me, a little askew makes mystery. But not that askew ! That just makes crazy.
I hope you had time for you today.


  1. Plans should never be etched in granite or you miss out on what could very well be the best parts! Your rugs tell you what to do....well, usually anyway...sometimes it is in a very very tiny voice though and I've sure missed it on occasion. These nurses scare me...LOL. I decided that your new witch shoes are actually better versions of Dorothy' only need click them twice and you can go whereever your heart desires...and come back when you want! Hugs, Jean

  2. I agree whole heartedly with your statement about missing out on the best parts. I hope you read today's installment and and see what conclusion I've come to.
    These nurses are scaring everybody ! LOL, I am really digging them, they are so patient and still waiting for me to turn them into and onto my rug.
    Funny you should mention Dorothy, I just finished reading Wicked. So that's what really happened. I only wish teleporting was as easy as clicking heels, it involves holding the tongue just so and sadly I'm genetically insufficent.

  3. Conclusion sounds great and makes good sense...meaning I would never in a millon have thought of it. So looking forward to seeing this rug. Those nurses have you lulled into a false sense of security...never trust a way. I'm not even looking at you graphic here anymore...nightmare inducing, I'm sure.
    Loved Wicked as the Wizard of Oz is my all time fav movie. There is a sequel I read last year following on about her's not as good but still readable. I've wanted to go to London and see Wicked the Muscial based on the book, but that would involve a little more exposure than I'm willing to endure at the moment. Flying the Atlantic isn't as scary. J