Saturday, September 19, 2009


Garnier Hair Samples

I'm a few days behind in drawing on my pattern bits. Tomorrow's my day ! I'm going to have my days to myself again, Thea got a job !
Isn't that great ? Too bad for me though as I've grown very dependent on her with my bum leg.
In the greatest leap of faith I've ever made I bought a pair of shoes today for after the boot ! They are NOT Keens. They are very witchy. I hope you can get some hooking done this week-end.
Now I must learn the Salsa !


  1. Love the shoes! Who are they by???


  2. Sarah, These shoes are Gabor, German made I think. I can't wait to wear them both.

  3. Hi Wanda.
    I just got a real kick out of your shoe, no punt intended. Now you can be witchy AND witty. Never know what you are going to show us, but I know it will be fun. Hope you can slip into your shoe soon, and can manage actual leaps, as well as those of faith. Congrats to Thea!
    I just finished my owl's moon and I do believe it glows. So fun.
    Alicia Kay

  4. Alicia ! I look forward to seeing your glowing owl ! What will you make next ? I can't wait to wear my shoes.

  5. Wanda, I am thinking of doing my own design next - a landscape, maybe a farm scene. It is still baking in my brain.
    Funny the little things we take for granted, like wearing shoes. I am praying for your foot's wellness.