Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A course of study

When ever I get a bit of non-committed time I love to embark on a course of study.
Last time I had a bit of free time was in January when I meant to study stitching on cloth and explore what could be done with that and rug hooking, that got shunted to the back burner when The Welcome Mat moved.

I'm thinking of that as more of a winter project.
I'm so inspired by the presence of that special 44° 45' N light that shines here in September I had to take a good look at that.
Late in August I ordered several books on this topic especially in the presence of light in landscapes.
For fun I also ordered a book by my one of my favorite artists Danny Gregory
His work just plainly makes me happy !
Just this picture of these books makes my heart jump with enthusiasm for the topics.

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