Wednesday, March 3, 2010

You are NEVER stuck if you can dye

Some wonderful person gave me 5 skeins of Fleece Artist's River wool and the marvy basket it is in. Thank you Denise!!!
I looked at it for several months and though it had a wonderful hand I didn't like the way the colours played together. I don't know what rotation it is called but there was a very, very bright blue, a brown, a purple, a green and a gold. The purple didn't take too well and was whitish in spots though consistent through all five skiens. The blue was harsh by comparison and the gold was weak.

It reminded me of making spot dyes, sometimes things just don't play well and they need amended.

I took the river by the hank and over dyed it. I didn't change things much.
I spotted the blue with black and seal brown to dull it.
I added even more purple.
I used turquoise to get rid of strange areas of non transitions and added chocoalte brown here and there for sport and I'm much happier now.
I'll be even more happier than you can believe it once I start knitting my shawl sweater !

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