Friday, March 19, 2010

Redyeing The Dyed

The Wet Befores

Oh I've been having fun these last few days.
Laurel and I went through my wool and culled out the little pieces and the ugly and put them aside for an upgrade.
Upgrading these wools is one of my favourite things to do.
This is what I love about this business- my stock never gets rotten, passe or even obsolete for lack of parts. It is infinitely and wonderfully transmutable.

The Dry Overdyed with Moss Green Afters

What really turns my crank is the amazing subtleties that transpire when I over dye something that is spot dyed or dyed using Karen Kahle's method - marbelising.
The magic for me lies in taking a big pot of something no one loved, adding an unexpected colour to it and getting a brand new "look".
Dior's got nothing on me.

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  1. Wanda. You have yr 'muchiness' back! Hurrah!