Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wandering Recipes for Tony!

Ask and ye shall receive!
Well, if you are Tony it will work.
Over 1/2 yd wool in the wandering style:

Sea Tossed ( It's a wee quiet one!)
2/32 tsp. MC Bottle Green
1/32 tsp. MC Moss Green
1/32 tsp. MC Orange
1/32 tsp. Chocolate Brown

Vampire Witch Black
This is a deep,warm rich black that looks good enough to eat.
1 tsp. MC Red
1 tsp. MC Bottle Green
1/2 tsp. MC Yellow

The wee fuzzies are from me drying it with lighter wool, will I never learn?

2/32 tsp. MC Bottle Green
1/32 tsp. MC Moss Green
1/32 tsp. MC Blue Violet
1/32 tsp. MC Orange
I frequently make this colour without meaning to. WHY???

Making more as we speak, oh take a look at this ugly!!!
It won't be named and wrote up until I retrieve it intro some semblance of usefulness, it's a piece only a Birdee could love!

BROWN will save the day or perhaps yellow.
It contained to this point:
3/32 Orange
2/32 Turquoise
2/32 Red Violet
1/32 Moss Green

I can't wait to see how it turns out and here it is:

I added 2/32 seal brown to the wander pot and threw in the wool.


  1. Love them all--even the so-called ugly one--maybe even most! Thank you for your generosity Wanda, thank you.

  2. On Monday, I, too, dried a small light piece with a big antique black piece and got WHITE FUZZIES!! I hope I learned!!!!!!! Thank you for the tutorials!!!!!

  3. Can't wait to try these out.
    They all look extra YUMMY.

    I wonder what else I could ask for.....
    Just how many wishes do I get???

    Seriously, Thanks for these NEW Wandering Formulas

    Tony :)