Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Point - another way to dye / Bark Wander

Here are the results of a fun way to dye.
You can do it on the stove top or in the electric skillet. This recipe is called India.
I love dyeing this way and have made a video of how to do it and put it on The Mat.
It is quick simple and as you can see... beautiful.
It involved putting dye in a dye bath, laying the wool onto top and then adding dry dye to areas that are poking up. The dry dye dissolves and travels around a small area and creates wonderful colour play.

I've used new wandering recipe colours to create these with stunning results especially if you like using unexpected colour.
For wandering method using MC dyes:
2/23 Black
1/32 Seal Brown
1/32 Blue
1/32 Reddish Brown
1/32 Turquoise
1/32 Yellow

When using the Point method more dye is applied, about 50%
The Point Method on the left, Wandering on the right,
See what I mean?

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