Wednesday, March 10, 2010

More Wandering Recipes for Tony!

Saucy Monet
Wandering method over 1/2 yd natural wool, Majic Carpet Dyes
2/32 tsp. Blue
1/32 tsp. Turquoise
1/32 tsp. Red Violet
2/32 tsp. Yellow

Shimmer on Steroids
Wandering method over 1/2 yd of natural wool
Majic Carpet Dyes
4/32 tsp. Bottle Green
3/32 tsp. Blue
1/32 tsp. Red - FLIP WOOL OVER
2/32 tsp. Yellow STIR


  1. I feel so SPOILED!!!! Like Christmas...or St. Patrick's Day or Easter or my Birthday!!!!

    Wish I was there playing in the dye pots with you!!

    Can't wait to try these out.
    Wanda ....Thanks is such a small word really... but I mean it!

  2. Luscious!! I actually dyed all morning...with decent results! Then I went to the spa where someone actually spoke to me! It must be the "end of days"...

    I'm in love at the moment with frying pan dyeing...I can poke and prod to my heart's content. I love seeing what you come up with...these sing. Jean Schroderus