Sunday, March 14, 2010

I gotta tablet

Results of tablet drawing.
Cherry Blossom try out for April's free pattern on The Welcome Mat ( I hope to have it perfected by then but not a bad start)
Here is my boney tree. If you want to do something with either of these please do.

I was able to fulfill I dream I had of getting a draw tablet.
You can see to the right I'm tweeting some of my drawings and also I'm trying to tweet dye recipes in 140 characters or less. That is kinda fun!
It will take some practising with the tablet but I'm already half addicted.
My user id there is wandakerr
The recipes look something like this
OLD RED 1yd wl mix txtrs. 1/2 t MC Red 1/4 t RBrown add 1/4 tsp C acid after almost all dye is up Rinse well in H water and synthrapol

Kin ya unnerstan it?

We are also working on podcasting with interviews over the phone here at the hub and frankly I feel like I'm operating well over my intelligence level! LOL
It's kinda exciting though.

On the Welcome Mat we are trying our hands at writing hooking poetry.
Cathy, you wrote a real sweet one!
Thank you.

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  1. Thanks Wanda,
    It came out of the blue so you must be very influential somewhere in my subconscious! Cathy G