Saturday, March 20, 2010


Here is more of yesterday's dyeing. Many varieties of textures and plaid wool- one dye recipe. Instantly interesting.
I have to keep in mind if I'm dyeing yellow and I want it to appear yellow I need to use textures of light or medium value for instance and that orange will make blue turn gray and all other interactions of the complements.
I try to make sure I include a crazy in each one that creates something truly strange. And I make sure I throw in a small piece of natural to show people what the dye colour looked like alone. It never ceases to amaze!!!

And to really make your imagination run you can see them before they are dyed on the right hand side of the stove. Sorry T.

Happy hooking!
"It's a much more valuable kept together than it is in pieces."
Lee Smith
You might notice our lady of the fence sitting dye methods strikes again. It is easy to get darks and mediums with this method, not so easy getting lights. We gotta keep these things in mind as we dye, so when it is time to do our project we have what we need before we start hooking and get in a flap!

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