Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Let's take a look at this

It's time to take another look at a piece of artwork. I like to practise this as a way of honing my ability to see. When I can see better I can do better hooking and I think I appreciate the genius of all artists much more when I stop to notice what they've done.
Meanwhile on the search for a good subject I found this wonderful selection of eye candy:

Our painting is from Cassius Coolidge, titled: A Friend in Need.It was hard to get a good rendition of this ad for your decent perusal. Go out and find a better one to study.
First the lighting: the light shining down to create this intimate scene is fully supported by a very dark under table and ceiling, the corners of the walls deepening in value add to this. I also notice small, very light things like glints of jewellery, edges of chairs and the shadows on the players help to create a cozy feeling.

There are many visual clues to the happenings, we can see the lateness of the hour, the wary watchfulness, the cheating right in the foreground.
Notice the small players are placed in the front, drawing our eyes around table and allowing us to see the expressions of all.
Colourwise, the green baize balances the red light. That red light puzzles me though because it looks incomplete compared to the rest of the subject matter. This was a commissioned piece and perhaps time or the funds paid for the work ran out.
The rest of the colours, the background players, look how they alternate , white or grey then brown and white, the two reddish brown players at the back are separated by the blue grey of the wall.
There is drama, the old thing I like to see in rugs, something is going to happen, is happening or just did happen is present as well as the best thing anyone can have, a sense of humour!

Have a terrific day !
Quote for today:
"If you believe everything you read, better not read."
Japanese Proverb

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  1. Wanda, this is the kinda stuff that gets me revved up. Your comments on this painting really opened my eyes to its subtleties. Oh, yes, the drama. I think doggie on far left must have a good hand. I see suspicion in the eyes of dog in center back...grey dog in foreground is taking quite a risk. I found a larger image on, but you have to look around their watermark. If that wasn't enough pleasure, I clicked on your link to Mary Capan's paintings...Wow! Love her "Emerald Palace" on p.2. I followed her link to behold her eBay gallery. What a feast. Thanks for keeping these things coming...I SO love it!