Thursday, January 14, 2010

Psychology Today on Creativity + Creativity Tip One Proof

From PT - Fright Bulb Column:
Sure fire tips to crush your creativity:
• Know exactly what you are doing before you get started
• Be careful not to offend
• Get permission
• Run it by everyone first
• Criticize yourself at every stop

These are great tips !!
Today at hook in Barbie was ready to start something new and she want to use up wool she had. This is a wonderful thing I love to do , it is like looking in the fridge 4 days past grocery day and two days before payday and saying what can be done ? Pure DEE Excitement.

She thought perhaps a very plain pattern of circles.
Yup they should touch.
Although the circles were the first thing we want people to notice, they are the last thing to draw.
First you gotta have a size, fat half yd of 54" linen. Then a perimeter. Where will your rug end?
Will you frame it with a border Barbie ? Yes please one 4 cm wide.
That left us a wonderful area to fill with rows of circles 72cm x48cm
We made a grid, they were .5 centimetre off square due to our measures. That was an allowable tolerance.
We decided the circles would meet across the rug but there would be a space between them going down taking up that 1 cm.
We next decided that we would make a little join where we had the 1 cm.
Suddenly ogees appeared running up and down between the circles.
Here is what it kinda looked like!
We got so excited and we began colour planning right way, the ogees instead of being just background, were going to be three rows of undulating jubilation. They ( ogees ) are much prettier in the hand drawn version ( I see a tablet in my future to help me draw things for the computer)
The middle one being brighter and the two on either side becoming duller and the half ones on the outside being darker. All from Barbie's stash. We used one of the Leatrice Eiseman books.
to hone in on what colours to use in her stash and which ones to shelve. By the way these books ( there are two and they are a bit expensive ) are amazing colour tools to help you express what you want to someone else without words. You can see what page makes you happy, then develope what you want from there using the colours presented in that particular palette . Barbie's was Woodland. We didn't know what we were doing from one second to the next but just let things develop.
Quote for the day:
"Fear is that little darkroom where negatives are developed."
Michael Pritchard

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  1. The Wanda library...I could spend months just sitting there reading! Thanks for reminding me about this book. I appreciate how you explained the evolution of Barbie's design. Looking forward to seeing it hooked. Enjoy the weekend!
    Jean Schroderus