Friday, January 8, 2010

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Me at the Big Bay Dock in summer wearing red and sitting beside green ! Happiness is....
This blog is the place where I feel I can speak about whatever is in my heart and that is very valuable to me. I like to use my hooking and really all that I do to speak the same thing. While talking to a friend today she instructed me that we have much more in our hearts than love, we store everything there. That rang true for me.

It made me think about how I use colour. Does my colour use come from my heart, am I using what I love ?
I used to really dislike colours, in my 20s a house we rented had a red floor.
Oi it was the bane of my existence, now I seek out reds and crave them.
I recently saw a green that made me physically relax. I NEED THAT ! I'm glad it is in a form I could take home.

Two of our Thursday hookers finished rugs this week, what an interesting reaction they had! Doreen said finishing it off was almost anti climatic, now what? I think she has a point. Barbie has been dreaming about what she might do next for the last few months.
The great thing about hooking is it keeps us dreaming of possibilities, we don't always do them but it's wonderful to exercise our imaginations.

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