Monday, January 18, 2010

I finished it, I finished it !

Here is my 2010 project. Rolling Down the River

For the first time in a REALLY, REALLY long time I just finished a hooking project.
It is the September 20 colours in 10 inches challenge on The Welcome Mat !
People are making amazing things that are blowing my mind.
I made something really rather pedantic but I'm thrilled out of my gourd to have time to hook!
It makes me feel all the better about making my recent life changes, you know the one I mean.
I have order in my life and it feels great!


  1. Congrats on following your heart! It is a good feeling!

  2. Way to go! So glad to see your spark ignited the flame for hooking again. "from little seeds mighty oaks do grow" cliche brain is awake, now I just need to poke the other sleeping bits. Anyway, love how this turned out with the soft impressionist tree line. Keep hooking sistah! Jean Schroderus

  3. Hi Wanda,
    Only 20 colors, and you were still able to create so much shading. Glad to hear you are's what brought us all together!

  4. Wanda

    This is excellent work.

    You said so much without doing so explicitly. The boats/boaters are wonderfully rendered as are the landscape and river.

    These elements come alive not through detail but through the suggestion of form by perfect placement of shape, value and color.