Monday, January 11, 2010

Some info about me and my vision

Look at this amazing picture... wow! There will be more of Erin's adventures posted soon. Ok, today I got a letter and I wanted to share my response with you.
This is stuff I want everyone to know.

Dear______________, Thank you for the time you took to respond to me. I have had much. and long experience with all aspects off online groupthink and the real life mechanics of "inter office politics", not to mention the dynamics of volunteers. For over 12 years I've run an online rug hooker something or other. That practically makes me a senior citizen on the net. I always try to take the middle road. I neither listen to scurrilous comments nor toadying. I try to look at an overview. I would never think of muzzling dissenters, nor can I, in all fairness, muzzle my self appointed watch dogs. I received many, many emails privately with people telling me what they thought and thank you for your concern on that point. I belong to a huge group of site developers and another of list creators. They have stern suggestions and ways of handling just such events which I find draconian. I like to let everybody say what they need to mostly. I draw the line when people use the forum to promote themselves in a way they wouldn't at a hook-in. I know these emotional flashes curdle the wame of some. I don't much like it either. But people, within reason, should say what they wish ( and I'll add in here for my blog readers - accept what comes as a result saying it ).
Almost everyone who is a list creator goes through the same crisis moment of SIZE overwhelming the vision and direction. We can't pretend something doesn't need to mutate or change, everything always does. My vision statement is and has always been to offer hookers more. That has never wavered in 8 years since I first thought of the Mat. I think my plan cues up very well. I think good has come of this ultimately. We can have a new resource, The Welcome Mat as an online magazine. Something the rug world has not seen for those who wish to be there. The Front Porch will be free and contain the bonhomie people liked on the Mat. You have refined your thinking on these matters and it has seemed to hone your self awareness, defined what you want to be part of. That can only bring you good. I wish you all the best in your future endeavours and I thank you so much for giving me your excellent points. Ever aware of more than you might imagine, Wanda in Wiarton.

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