Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Woolgathering Time

It is time for Woolgathering soon. I've got plenty to do. It's time for several high dyeing days. But I just don't feel like gearing up for that just yet ! Thank goodness I've got until Nov 7.
I'm so depleted from the couple of years work schedules all I want to do is curl up with a blankie and a bottle. LOL probably not the kind of bottle you are thinking about.

We need to be so careful about looking after ourselves and our resources.
So toward that end instead of dyeing I'm listening to an audio book by Harville Hendricks and it is so full of terrific info. I rarely look at these types of books because of the BS quotient but I haven't hit a smelly patch yet and I'm more than half way finished.

I also have a will not go away case of laryngitis. So if you are calling me and I'm not answering I'm saving my voice for emergencies like calling out for my blankie and getting my bottle refilled.

Are you interested in Woolgathering ?
Here is the announcement for it, count it as your invitation.
I hope you are available to join us on Nov.7th 2009. Woolgathering time has rolled around once again.
Our program this session is titled Hidden Talents. I suspect many of you do other marvelous things and it is time to let your little light shine.
Maybe you are also a quilter or knitter, a poet or painter ? Perhaps you make great preserves or tap dance for fun ? Tell us what thing you are good at, bring us a sample of it. If you feel you don't have a hidden talent ( who are you trying to kid ?)bring us a good tip for rug hooking or life.

What's in it for you ?
Come and enjoy great rug hooking fun and laughs at Woolgathering. All are welcome to come, spread the word to everyone you know ! If you can't come forward this onto someone who might. This is a wonderful opportunity for new hookers to see a large variety of work and get inspired, good for jaded old hookers too !

Where is Woolgathering? The Community Church of Christ 2555, 8th Ave W, Owen Sound,ONTARIO, CANADA our usual spot.

What time does it start and end ? 9:30 until 3 but come any time during, show and tell is in the morning this time.

How much does it cost? Still only $8 per person

What to bring ?
Bring a lunch, perhaps some baking if you feel moved to do so, a project to hook on, rugs to show, piece of wool for the grand draw prize and other draw prizes if you can - something you no longer want or need ? Make another hooker happy !

If you wish to vend please come with your wares, a card table space cost $10 ,bring your own table. larger tables are in short supply if you need one book now, these cost $25. Notification to sell must be made 5 days prior to the event for insurance purposes.
To date there will be an abundance of beautiful WandaWorks products, Impressions in Wood with fantastic tools for hooking. If there is something you need specifically let vendors know ahead of time and we will make you very HAPPY !!!

Questions ?
For more info call 534-0799 or write emailto: inquiry@wandaworks.ca

How to get there ?

Directions from the South ( Hwy 6) and East ( get to Owen Sound on HWY 26 )

Drive along HWY 6 as you enter Owen Sound, look for 10th St. You will make a left turn onto this street.
You will drive down a hill then cross three intersections.
You will turn right on the fourth one.
You will have crossed a small bridge and the road to turn on is right after it.
It is 1st Ave W .
Follow that a short way until you reach 14 St.W , you will have to turn left.
Drive one block , turn right onto the Eddie Sargent Parkway or 3rd Ave W.
Follow this street until it intersects with 26th St W. Make a left turn.
Drive through 2 intersections , turn left at the third, this is 8th Ave W.
You should be able to see the church on the right hand side.

Directions from The West and North
Go to the Drive In in Springmount.
Turn Left
At the first stop sign you reach turn left.
Continue on this road until it intersects with 24th St W make a right hand turn.
Follow this street until your reach 8th Ave W turn left , this is the street the church is on.
Look for it after you pass the ball diamond on the right hand side of the road. It is the same place but is now called The Community Church of Christ.

Hope to meet you then,

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