Saturday, October 10, 2009

What you can do when you have to

I was needing to hook a little rug for RHM... pronto.
So last night Jean Schroderus and I tagged teamed this little mat!
While I made supper she hooked and while she cleaned up I did!
This sky was made using a Burlington Bull's Eye.
Several people have been asking what can be done with this wool that is coloured in an unusual way, sure they say the wool is pretty but what can you do with it?
Burlington Bulls Eye: Excitement on the left, Calm on the right
The real question for me is why we don't understand the more interesting the wool we use the greater the symbiotic relationship between wool and object depicted,the greater the mystery and depth to the viewer. We are cutting the wool into strips anyway, why not create as much magic as possible in the dye pot?

Here is the mat Jean and I hooked with a half of the Excitement sample. I ripped it right down the middle and began to just hook my yellow circle and continued to use the strips as they came off making sure I kept blue to the left and violet mostly to the right. It is 10" x 11" using #7 cut and hand torn strips. The dark areas are the crow wool I just dyed for our recent videos.
Hope you find time to exercise your magic today !


  1. Wow! Thanks for kicking our brains into "think mode" and gently encouraging us to expand and explore.

  2. Great example on how to use the wool! I get that question a lot about several wools that I's hard for me to explain, but people love it when they see the "odd dyed" wools hooked up!
    Thanks for opening everyone's eyes!

  3. Wanda, This mat turned out so beautifully. The technique seems quite simple, once you described it. The tree adds great dimension and mood. I would love to see this posted on the main photo page on TWM. Was it Jean Schroderus who hooked it with you? It's a wow-er.