Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Water Colour Dyeing Instructions

Water Color Dyeing

This is what I call it though you might think of a better name... I was reading a book demonstrating water color painting and the making of washes. The paper was wet, paint dropped on the surface and the paper was picked up , then rotated and swirled and the colors mixed and danced with beautiful results.

I immediately thought, I can pick up my frying pan by the handles and move it in the same way !!!


1/8th yd of natural wool soaked

Pick three colors of dye they can be any colours, I used the follwing ProChem ones.

Forest Blush ( each color mixed in their own jar.)

1/32 tsp. Wine Rose 350 + 1/3 cup of water + 1/32 tsp. citric acid crystals

1/32 tsp Golden Pear + 1/3 cup of water

1/32 tsp. Maple Sugar 121 + 1/3 cup of water

The trick for this is all in the pouring, and the rolling.

Lay your wool in the hot frying pan, pour the first color in a triangle with the base towards you, (look at diagram 1 , the fine line) the point will be reaching the left hand upper corner. Add the next color making a triangle with the base away from you coming to a point on the right hand side lower corner

Roll the fry pan side to side and back and forth, be careful !!

Gently movements work well.

When the water is half way clear pour the third color right down the channel in the middle overlapping both colors..

This is a DO NOT STIR method. Please try your own formulas

This is fun wool to use for just about anything, leaves , flowers, some place you need some excitement!!

WILD ANIMAL Remember 1/3 cup of water for each dye in their own jar.

1/32 tsp. Mocha Chino 670 + 1/32 tsp. citric acid crystals

1/32 tsp. Slate Blue 441

1/32 tsp. Clay 561


1/32 Spiced Pumpkin 230 + 1/32 tsp. citric acid crystals

!/32 tsp. Paprika 368

1/32 tsp . Charcoal Gray 670

Right to left Blush, Wild Animal , Mars

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