Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Question about how to Hook a Bull's Eye Dye

Joanne asks:
Now that I see another Burlington Bull's eye hooked, my question is how
do you cut the wool to get the effect that you have? Thanks

Hi Joanne, Oh we are so bound by our expectations of what's possible in wool, and honey it is not just you but all of us. First let's remember we are going to cut this wool up into strips, into tiny strips considering the size of the whole. So doesn't that leave us free to interfere with the wool as we wish ? That in mind I ripped the Excitement in half so I had two quarter yds. That gave me access to my yellow bit.
I hand tore the strips at about a 8 or 9 cut. I started hooking a yellow circle. Sometimes there were areas at the top and bottom of the strip I discarded for the moment. They were not yellow or yellow enough for my purpose. If it didn't work out I didn't put it in. I was left with very little I didn't use in that piece.
Let's imagine this: I had 4 sections of 1/16th yd each.
I used all of two sections and had a half left of two others, with a few partial strips also unwanted.
I made sure I kept the magenta areas of strips meeting and the blues ones in a group where they would touch, violet filled in as I hooked round and round repeating my circular shape. I painted with my palette of Bull's Eye and for a joke created one, though this is not necessary at all. I could have hooked a plain straight sky as often seen rug hooking. For another joke I like the idea that I used Excitement and create sort of a passive picture.
Here are the results again:


  1. WOW! Excitement is the perfect name for this work of art. It makes me want to dye a bullseye and hook a moonlit night sky. I imagine that this could also be used in a daytime pictorial with sun and sky. You keep my creative juices expanding.
    Thanks, Sherillee

  2. Wow, just had to say again how much I like "Excitement".