Saturday, October 3, 2009

Hyberbolic Hooked Rugs

Don't worry, I wondered too.
In the 1980s a man name Tony Bomford use the mathematical ideal of tessalations and hyperbolas to create a set of fantastic rugs.
To read the whole article about how these rugs were designed and see other pictures of rugs he created go here

Tony Bomford's Squares and Tessalations

I haven't had a second to hook in the last few days. I'm getting ready for my dye mentoring class and I can't wait for the excited dyers to arrive.
I got a OK to go air castless from my Dr. and am now just wearing an ankle "girdle". He told me he could safely tell me to go and dye as much as I wanted. He said it was the first time he has EVER told a patient that.
I'll try to record some of our activities during the three days.
BTW ! Do you want to learn to dye ?
On Nov.2 I'm giving a one day dyeing blitz where people will learn 15 methods of dyeing and get a great handbook on all of these methods and good samples of each to boot ! It will be live and in my studio. Want to come ? I have space for 2 .... it will be a class of 4.
Contact me from my web page
Have a great day.

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