Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Wandering - doing it right - again

My dye method wandering is notorious for unpredictable results.
Two pieces of advice I have :
Buy as much as you think you need , then buy 1/4 yd. more.
Don't worry about exact , exact matches, this method is like a water colour painting , you can blend and stroke your wool into the places you want it. Overall pieces of wandering may not be exactly the same, they do create optical blending when cut up and hooked.

Now a miracle happened today.
I was able to create a good representation of a piece of wool someone wanted more of.

This recipe is now recorded and named :
The Sue Finale
Using the wandering method with Majic Carpet Dyes over 1/2 yd of natural wool
1/16 tsp. Bottle Green
1/32 tsp. Orange
1/32 tsp. NF Red Violet
1/32 tsp. Brilliant Green

Sue's sample is on the top of the wool and to the right.

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  1. You did a wonderful job matching the wool. It's beautiful.