Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The New Toy

While away I decided to get something new to play with- The Embellisher
Sounds like a featherweight boxing champion !!!

This machine looks like a conventional sewing machine but joins fabric together with out thread.
The only material it won;'t work well with is gold lame.
I'm sorry Cher I can't work for you anymore.

It uses felting needles to do this.
I'm having a blast with it.

The first thing I did was the aborted flower on pink.
I had a bit of trouble as I rip straightened the material after I was done the felting and ripped the flower in half.
You live, you learn.

The next thing I made was the lovely trim on the bottom, silk saris yarn, silk thread, cut strip from hooking and some phentex and separated wool yarn. Like that !

Next pictured, one part of my out of the box project... Scene from the Black Lagoon.
This machine is a total pleasure !!
Using up tons of bits of business that were destined for the someday pile which eventually become the dump pile.
Hope I can make something really cool soon, still building up my chops.

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